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b1a52407efba1d44ee930c2a58c12eddLove completely. Love whomever your heart chooses. Love beyond the couple. Love more. Love love.

Emotional attachment and the ties that bind people together grow with reciprocity.  It is not, however, the soil within which love grows.  Love only truly thrives when given freely, without expectation.  It is this dilemma that holds us back.

Love does not traffic in transactions of give and take, of exchanging tangible and intangible goods.  This is the nature of satisfaction seeking.  Hedonic rewards are pleasing, by definition, but fleeting.  True love has its own momentum.

Love and oil don’t mix.  Love is not precious, in the sense of a commodity (like oil) that requires your heart to be Prius powered.  It IS precious in that it is unlimited only if you let it be, only If you let go.

Love completely; love with abandon; love without hope of being loved in return.  If you can, the momentum of your love will transform all around you. True love satisfies itself.

And so, there is no reason to hold back.  It is time to let go.  Let love thrive by practicing unbounded love, unconditioned by the expectation of anything in return.  It is not as hard as it sounds.  Nor is it easy.  Start small.  When you meet your edge, slow down and ease forward.  But, keep going.

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